A great lunch or diner in restaurant Beluga
An unique exhibition for art- and antique lovers

Beluga Mansion is a unique project of the Vos Investment Group that bought this magnificent mansion and completely remodelled it, retaining its authentic details. The Vos Investment Group approached Hans van Wolde at the Beluga restaurant (with its two Michelin stars) to collaborate on developing ideas for this exclusive, intimate guest accommodation.

Because we firmly believe that individuals such as yourself, who enjoy the finer things in life, wish to distance themselves from the impersonality and anonymity of the big hotel chains that can be found in almost every large city, in this project we have consciously emphasised the small-scale of the accommodation, the personal attention and nights spent in top-class surroundings!

In our opinion, a city like Maastricht, with its famous "Bourgondische" (exuberant) character, is a supreme location to attract and appeal to guests such as you. This concept will most likely be elaborated upon in the future.

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